EPS10-2 Alarm pressure switches has a single SPDT switch

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System Sensor EPS10 Series switches are designed for use in wet, dry, deluge, and pre-action automatic sprinkler systems to indicate a discharge from a sprinkler


switch while the EPS10-2 model contains two SPDT switches. The EPS10 Series features field adjustable pressure sensitivity to provide an alarm response between 4 and 20 psi. It is factory set to respond at 4 – 8 psi on rising or falling pressure. The pressure adjustment wheel requires no special tools and does not affect switch synchronization on the EPS10-2. The EPS10 Series switches are NEMA 4 rated.



• Sensitivity adjustment wheel, no special tools required

• Reinforced diaphragm resists pressure spikes

• Two conduit entrances • Both one- and two-switch models available