Gamewell-FCI E3BB-BAA1 E3 Series Cabinets

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

Cabinets used for the E3 Series Analog and Networking Systems GeneralThe E3 Series® Expandable Emergency Evacuation System by Gamewell-FCI offers several cabinet size options. The E3 Series System is a modular design that allows a wide range of configurations to form an integrated, distributed fire alarm system. These cabinet options allow for sturdy and modern installations. The E3 Series cabinet assembly is a compact, wall-mounted enclosure. A typical cabinet includes a backbox and an outer locking door. In addition, there are several inner door options and mounting plates to accommodate a variety of E3 Series sub-assemblies.Each cabinet backbox includes mounting patterns for plates to allow the installer to arrange and secure the sub-assemblies to the backbox. The backbox knockouts are also positioned at numerous points to allow a conduit access into the enclosure.The following four Annunciator cabinet sizes provide the maximum flexibility that can meet any application.

• Cabinet AA offers 2-slot or 3-slot options to accommodate any of the following configurations:– Inner door, 2-slots allows space for one LCD-E3 or LCD-SLP and one ASM-16– Inner door, 3-slots allows space for any combination of three modules: ASM-16, NGA or an ANU-48

• Cabinet A1 houses one NGA or one ASM-16/ANU-48.

• Cabinet A2 accommodates a single LCD-E3.

• E3BB-FLUSH-LCD or E3BB-NGA-FLUSH.The E3BB-R-BSlim or B-Slim contains the 600 Series cabinet. Cabinet B includes a mounting plate that contains a space for the following modules:• ILI-MB-E3/ILI95-MB-E3

•PM-9/PM-9G sub-assemblies• Batteries set inside the backboxAdditional sub-assembly options mounted on the backbox include the DACT-E 3 and RPT-E3. The 2-slot inner door houses the one LCD-E3 module and• either one ASM-16/ANU-48 or one NGA module