Simplex 2099-9756 Dual Action Pull Station

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2099 Series Single and FM Approved* Double Action Operation


  • Single action models
  • Double action models available as:

– Breakglass

– Push Type

  • Institutional model– Key operated only
  • Pull lever protrudes when alarmed
  • Tamper resistant reset key lock:– Keyed same as fire alarm cabinet
  • Pre-signal and annunciator contact options
  • Local alarm cover option
  • Surface, flush, or semi-flush mounting
  • Complies with ADA requirements


Single Action Stations require a firm downward pull to activate the alarm switch. Completing the action breaks an internal plastic break-rod (visible below the pull lever). The pull lever latches into the alarm position and remains extended out of the cover to provide a visible indication of which station was alarmed. Double Action Stations (Breakglass) require the operator to strike the front mounted hammer to break the glass and expose the recessed pull lever. The pull lever then operates as a single action station. Double Action Stations (Push Type) require that a spring loaded interference plate (marked PUSH) be pushed back to access the pull lever of the single action station.Institutional Stations are designed to activate by key operation only. This allows access for manual alarms to be initiated by authorized personnel. Operation requires key insertion and opening of the station cover. Pre-Signal Option activates when the lever is pulled. General alarm initiation requires a key to activate a keyswitch located behind the pull lever. Station Reset

requires the use of a key to reset the manual station lever and deactivate the alarm switch. If the break-rod is used, it must be replaced.

Testing requires physical activation of the pull lever

(except for institutional stations).