Silent Knight SK-PHOTO-R Intelligent Photo Detector Remote Test (Base Included)

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The SK PHOTO-T is a photoelectric smoke detector with thermal and SK-PHOTOR is a photoelectric detector with remote test capability. These plug in smoke detectors, with integral communication, provide features that surpass conventional detectors and are for use with the Honeywell Silent Knight series fire alarm control panels (FACPs).SK-PHOTO and SK-PHOTO-T are plug-in type smoke sensors that combine a photoelectric sensing chamber with addressable analog communications. Point ID capability allows each detector’s address to be set with rotary address switches, providing exact detector locations for selective maintenance when chamber contamination reaches unacceptable levels.SK-PHOTO and SK-PHOTO-T have a unique optical sensing chamber that is engineered to sense smoke produced by a wide range of combustion sources. In the SK-PHOTO-T, dual electronic thermistors add 135ºF (57ºC) thermal technology to maximize detection.The SK-PHOTOR is a remote test capable detector for use with the DNR/DNRW duct smoke detector (not included)

SK-Photo, and SK-Photo-T are compatible with the following detector bases:
B210LP: 6” base (included)
B501: 2 wire base
B224RB: Relay base
B224BI: Isolator base


• Sleek, low-profile design
• Base included
• Reliable analog communications for trouble-free operation
• Age resistant polymer housing
• Dual electronic thermistor design on the SK-Photo-T
• Superior EMI resistance for reliability
• Simple field cleaning for code compliance
• Variety of mounting options to meet any application
• Dual LED indicators for 360º visibility
• Detector transmits signal to indicate maintenance is required
• Optional remote LED annunciator (System Sensor® PN RA100Z)
• Plug-in mounting provides ease of installation
• Tamper-proof feature available on mounting bases
• Listed for use in duct applications
• Rotary address switches for fast installation
• UL Listed
• FM Approved