Firelite MS-5UD-3 Five Zone Conventional FACP

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The MS-5UD-3(E)  is  a  five-zone  FACP  (Fire  Alarm  Control Panel) and the MS-10UD-7(E) is a ten-zone FACP. These control panels provide reliable fire signaling protection for small to medium-sized commercial,  industrial,  and  institutional  buildings.  Both panels  include  built-in  communicators  for  Central Station Service and remote upload/download. Each of  these  FACPs  is  compatible  with  System  Sensor’s microprocessor-based i3 series detectors. These conventional smoke detectors can transmit a maintenance trouble signal to the  FACP  indicating  the  need  for  cleaning  and  a  supervisory “freeze”  signal  when  the  ambient  temperature  falls  below  the detector  rating.  Additionally, both  the  MS-5UD-3  and  MS-10UD-7  are  compatible  with  conventional  input  devices  such as two- and four-wire smoke detectors, pull stations, waterflow devices,  tamper  switches,  and  other  normally-open  contact devices. Refer to the Fire•Lite Device Compatibility Document for a complete listing of compatible devices. Outputs  include  four  NACs  (Notification  Appliance  Circuits),three  programmable  Form-C  relays  (factory  programmed  for Alarm, Trouble, and Supervisory) and 24 VDC special application  resettable  and  non resettable  power  outputs.  The  FACP supervise  all  wiring,  AC  voltage,  battery  level  and  telephone integrity. Activation  of  a  compatible  smoke  detector  or  any  normally-open fire alarm initiating device will activate audible and visual signaling  devices,  illuminate  an  indicating  LED,  sound  the piezo  sounder  at  the  FACP,  activate  the  communicator  and FACP  alarm  relay,  and  operate  an  optional  module  used  to notify a remote station or initiate an auxiliary control function. New options include a UL listed printer, PRN-6F and FireLite’s IP DACT  Internet  Monitoring  module.    The  Firewatch  Series internet monitoring modules IPDACT-2 and IPDACT-2UD permit  monitoring  of  alarm  signals  over  the  Internet  saving  the monthly cost of two telephone lines. Although not required, the secondary  telephone  line  may  be  retained  providing  backup communication over the public switched telephone line


• Listed to UL Standard 864, 9th edition.

• Built-in DACT (Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter).

• Style B (Class B) IDC (Initiating Device Circuit)MS-5UD-3 - five IDCs.MS-10UD-7 - ten IDCs.

• Style Y (Class B) NAC (Notification Appliance Circuit) - special application powerMS-5UD-3 - four NACs.MS-10UD-7 - four NACs.

• Notification Appliances may be programmed asSilence Inhibit.Auto-Silence