System Sensor PC2RHK Horn Strobe Ceiling Mount

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P4WK is a white, four-wire, outdoor horn strobe with selectable strobe settings of 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 95, 110 and 115 cd. Outdoor back box included.

The broadest line of outdoor horns, strobes, and horn strobes in the industry. With white or red plastic housings, wall or ceiling mounting options, and plain or FIRE-printed devices,  can meet virtually any application requirement, including indoor, outdoor, wet, and dry applications in temperatures from −40°F to 151°F., outdoor strobes and horn strobes for ceiling applications include a variety of features that increase application flexibility and simplify installation. First, field-selectable settings, including candela, automatic selection of 12- or 24-volt operation, horn tones, and three volume options enable installers to easily adapt devices to meet requirements.Next, devices use a universal mounting plate for both wall and ceiling applications. This mounting plate includes an onboard shorting spring that ensures wiring continuity before devices are installed, so installers can verify proper wiring without mounting the devices and exposing them to potential construction damage. Once the plates are mounted, all  devices utilize a plug-in design with a single captured screw to speed installation and virtually eliminate costly ground faults. Outdoor devices ship with weatherproof plastic back boxes (metal back boxes are available separately) that accommodate in-and-out wiring for daisy chaining devices. Plastic back boxes feature removable side flanges and improved resistance to saltwater corrosion. Knock-outs located on the back eliminate the need to drill holes for screw-in mounting. Plastic and metal weatherproof back boxes come with ¾‑inch top and bottom conduit entries and ¾‑inch knock-outs at the back. A screw-in NPT plug with an O-ring gasket for a watertight seal is included with each back box.


• Weatherproof per NEMA 4X, IP56
• Listed to UL 1638 (strobe) and UL 464 (horn)
• Compatible with System Sensor synchronization protocol and legacy SpectrAlert products
• Field-selectable candela settings: 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 95, 110, 115, 135, 150, 177, and 185
• Automatic selection of 12- or 24-volt operation at 15 and 15/75 candela
• Rotary switch for horn tone and three volume selections
• Horn rated at 88+ dBA at 16 volts
• Rated from –40°F to 151°F
• Universal mounting plate with an onboard shorting spring that tests wiring continuity before devices are installed
• Plug-in design with minimal intrusion into the back box
• Tamper-resistant construction
• Listed for ceiling or wall mounting