Simplex 565-925 Duct Detector Replacement Board Only

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Compact air duct sensor housing with clear cover to monitor for the presence of smoke**Includes factory installed TrueAlarm photoelectric smoke sensor and features:

  • Individual sensor information processed by the host control panel to determine sensor status
  • Digital transmission of analog sensor values via IDNet or MAPNET II, 2-wire communications
  • Programmable sensitivity, consistent accuracy, environmental compensation, status testing, and monitoring of sensor dirt accumulation

Model 4098-9755:

  • Basic duct sensor housing (no relay output) powered by IDNet/MAPNET II communications Model 4098-9756:
  • Duct sensor housing with supervised output for multiple remote relays; requires separate 24 VDC; includes one relay
  • Relay output is under panel control
  • At the panel, relay output can be activated manually or

in response to a separate alarm or other input

General features:

  • UL listed to Standard 268A
  • Clear cover allows visual inspection
  • Test ports provide functional smoke testing access

with cover in place

  • Mounts to rectangular ducts or round ducts; minimum

size is 8” (203 mm) square or 18” (457 mm) diameter

  • Magnetic test feature for alarm initiation at housing
  • Optional weatherproof enclosure is available

separately (refer to data sheet S4098-0032)

Diagnostic LEDs (on interface board):

  • Red Alarm/Trouble LED for sensor status and

communications polling display

  • Yellow LED for open or shorted trouble indication of

supervised relay control (4098-9756 only)

Sampling tubes (ordered separately):

  • Available in multiple lengths to match duct size
  • Installed and serviced with housing in place

Remote module options (ordered separately):

  • Remote red status/alarm LED (2098-9808)
  • Remote test station with LED (2098-9806)
  • 4098-9843 remote relays