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Dual 3 A on-board IDNAC SLCs (signaling line circuit) provide enhanced power delivery to addressable notification appliances • With an IDNAC SLC, a constant 29 VDC source voltage is maintained during alarm, even during battery operation, allowing strobes to operate at higher voltage with lower current and ensuring a consistent current draw and voltage drop margin under both primary power and secondary battery standby • Efficiencies include lower strobe currents, wiring distances up to 2 to 3 times farther than with conventional notification, support for more appliances per IDNAC SLC, ability to use smaller gauge wiring, all providing installation and maintenance savings with high assurance that appliances that operate during normal system testing will operate during worst case alarm conditions


  • UL 2017, Process Management Equipment (QVAX)
  • UL 1076, Proprietary Alarm Units-Burglar (APOU)
  • UL 1730, Smoke Detector Monitor (UULH).
  • ULC S527-99, Fire Detection and Control (UOJZC)