Silent Knight 5230 LCD Remote Annunciator

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When the system is normal and receiving AC power, the power LED is on.

Users identify themselves to the control panel by entering a code on the annunciator. When a user

presses a button, the annunciator piezo beeps and the LCD prompts the user to enter a code or other

relevant information.


• 2-line 16-character LCD display.

• Indicates Trouble, Alarm, Supervisory, and System Status conditions with LEDs and LCD display.

• Each 5230 individually supervised by the FACP

• 12 to 18 AWG wire with up to 1000 ft wire runs from FACP.

• Easily set ID using four dip switches on back of unit.

• Easy quick connect option to temporarily connect to the panel for programming (using PN 130294 quick connect cable).



Compatible Products

5104: 3 per Communicator

5204: 3 per FACP

5207: 7 per FACP

5128/29: Programming only



UL Listed

CSFM 7165-0559: 111

MEA 429-92-E

5230 Remote Annunciator


The 5230 remote annunciator provides remote annunciation for the 5104 Fire Communicator, 5204 Fire Alarm

Control Panel (FACP), and 5207 FACP. The 5230 performs all system operations. It also provides trouble and

alarm information and can be used for programming. The 5230 is also used to program the 5128/29 Fire Slave

Communicators. For more information about the 5230, or to locate your nearest source, please call 1-800-328-0103.

Program and operate the 5104, 5204, or 5207 FACP from a distance with the 5230 remote annunciator.



Mounts to dual gang electrical box with the rear

mounting plate.



Operating Voltage: 12 VDC


Standby: 25 mA

Alarm: 40 mA