Siemens ZR-MC-RStrobe Multi-candela Wall Red Mount

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ZH-MC-R Strobes and Audible Strobe Combinations

  • Strobe appliances produce a minimum flash rate of 60 flashes per minute (one [1] flash per second) over the Regulated Input Voltage Range, and incorporate a Xenon flash tube enclosed in a rugged Lexan® lens
  • Strobes are available with two (2) or four (4) field-selectable settings in one (1) unit, and are rated – per UL 1971 – for up to:
    -15/30/75/110cd for wall mounted
    -135/185cd for wall mounted
    -15/30/75/95cd for ceiling mounted
    -115/177cd for ceiling mounted
  • Strobes operate over an extended temperature range of 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C), and be listed for maximum humidity of 95% RH
  • Strobe inputs are polarized for compatibility with standard reverse-polarity supervision of circuit wiring by a Siemens FACP
  • Synchronization Modules
  • The strobe portion, when synchronization is required, is compatible with the Siemens DSC sync modules; the Siemens 50-point, 252-point and 504-point addressable FACPs, as well as with:
    -Fire Finder® XLS and MXL® FACPs
    -PAD-3 or PAD-4™ NAC Extenders with built-in sync protocol
  • The strobes will not drift out of synchronization at any time during operation
  • Audibles and strobes are able to synchronize on a two-wire circuit with the capability to silence the audible, if required
  • Strobes revert to a non-synchronized flash-rate, if the sync module or power supply should fail to operate (i.e. – contacts remain closed)