Siemens TRI-S Intelligent Initiating Interface Module

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The Model TRI-series of intelligent interface modules from Siemens─Fire Safety is designed to provide the means of interfacing direct shorting devices to Model MLC for the Fire Finder XLS FACP, or to Model ALD for the MXL system, respectively. The Model TRI-series of intelligent interface modules provides the most advanced method of address programming and supervision ─combined with sophisticated FACP communication.  Each Model TRI-series interface module incorporates a microcomputer chip.  In turn, the microcomputer-chip technology and its sophisticated bi-directional communication capabilities with the FACP, achieve the state of an ‘Intelligent Device.


The Model TRI-series of intelligent interface modules is available in three (3) models.  Models TRI-S and TRI-R are designed to monitor a normally open (N.O.) dry contact.  The interface module reports the contact’s status to the FACP. The sole purpose of Model TRI-S is to monitor and report the status of the contact, while Model TRI-R incorporates an addressable ‘Form C’ relay.  The relay and contact device input for Model TRI-R are controlled at the same address.  The relay and input contact can be controlled as a separate function.  The relay is typically used where control or shunting of external equipment is required. Model TRI-D is a dual-input module that is designed to supervise and monitor two (2) sets of dry contacts.  Model TRI-D requires two (2) address settings.  Model TRI-D is ideal for monitoring a waterflow switch and its respective valve tamper switch. Model TRI-series has a multi-color LED that flashes green when operating normally; amber, if unit is in trouble condition, and red to indicate a change of status command.  Model TRI-D flashes two (2) times ─once for each address, and the red LED of Model TRI-R indicates a change of state in the relay.