Siemens FPT-11 Intelligent Thermal Detector

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The FPT-11 Siemens, Intelligent Thermal Detector ─ Fire Safety provides an advanced method of detection, address programming and supervision ─ combined with sophisticated fire alarm control panel (FACP) communication. Model FPT-11 Siemens uses a state-of-the-art thermistor that provides up to 135°F (57.2°C) rate compensated temperature.

The FPT-11 Siemens is compatible with Model DPU and FPI-32 Field Programmer / Testers, which are compact, portable, and menu-driven accessories that make programming and testing detectors faster, easier, and more reliable than other methods.

Each of these field programmers/testers eliminate the need for cumbersome, unreliable mechanical programming methods, and they reduce installation and service costs, via electronically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM), and can test Model FPT-11’s performance (for proper function) before the detector is even installed. Moreover, mechanical addressing mechanisms ─ such as program jumpers, DIP switches, or rotary dials ─ are no longer necessary to use.


The FPT-11 Siemens is a plug-in, two-wire thermal detector that is compatible with FireFinder XLS and MXL FACPs. Each Model FPT-11 detector has microcomputer-chip technology, as well as highly stable, solid-state electronic circuitry. Model FPT-11 utilizes a modern, accurate, and shock-resistant thermistor to sense temperature changes.

This electronic sensing method virtually eliminates thermal lag associated with mechanical-temperature sensing devices, and provides almost instantaneous temperature information to the FACP. Model FPT-11 Siemens is a 135°F (57.2°C) rate-compensated detector.

The microprocessor for Model FPT-11 detector uses the EEPROM means to store the detector’s address. Communications within the detector, as well as between Model FPT-11; the FACP, or with each field programmer/tester, are supervised and safeguarded against disruption by reliable microprocessor-based error-checking routines.