Potter PVE-802 3530001 Voice Evacuation Panel (Obsolete)

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The Potter PVE-802 Voice Evacuation Panel is designed to be used with any Potter Fire Alarm Control Panel or UL-864 Listed Fire Alarm Control Panel. The PVE-802 provides automatic and manual fire alarm audio signaling and live voice paging during an emergency situation. The PVE-802 is fully compatible with the Potter’s VAB-802 Audio Booster. The combination of the PVE-802 and VAB-802 meets the total system wattage requirements of virtually any application using the true distributed audio technology.


  • Two (2) 40 Watt amplifiers that may be configured Class “A” or Class “B” (Style Z/Y)
  • A dual digital (programmable) message/tone generator
  • A power supply/charger
  • An integral microphone inside a compact, red, lockable enclosure.


Key status indicators viewable on the front panel display include: a green AC power on LED, a yellow amplifier trouble LED, and a yellow power supply trouble LED. Additional diagnostic LEDs that are mounted on the amplifier PCB and on the power supply.

There are 3 toggle switches that provide for manual activation of either Message 1, Message 2, or to initiate an system wide page from the PVE-802 throughout all distributed VAB-802 Audio Boosters.


The built-in, dual programmable, flash based, digital message/tone generator of the PVE-802 Voice Evacuation Panel comes standard with Message 1 programmed for Evacuation and Message 2 programmed for Alert messages. Both messages are field programmable for tailoring to meet specific installation requirements. Digital messages/tones are programmed in a user-friendly tool that users can select from various industry standard messages/tones, such as, leading and trailing tones and male or female voice messages. In addition, personalized wave files (.wav) can be downloaded and added to allow complete customization of messages/tones.


In support of some local requirements, the VAB-802 may be set to a “backup mode” where as a precaution, if primary amplifier fails, the secondary amplifier automatically engages and overrides the primary amplifier, provided there are no short circuits in the field speaker circuit wiring. For project flexibility, each PVE-802 and VAB-802 can be setup to produce their own messages to make setting up a dual channel, three channel, or floor above/floor below application easy.

  • Model: PVE-802
  • Manufacturers Part#: 3530001
  • Built-in Live Voice Paging Microphone
  • Two (2) Class “A” or “B” Speaker Circuits
  • AC Power On, Amplifier and PSU and Trouble LEDs
  • Internal Service Diagnostic and Status Indicators
  • USB Interface for Message/Tone Programming
  • Optional Amplifier Backup Capability
  • Three Prioritized Relay Trigger Inputs
  • Message 1 On/Off, Message 2 On/Off and All Call Switches