Notifier AFP-200 Analog Fire Alarm Panel Board

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• 198 intelligent device capacity (99 analog detectors and 99


    monitor/control modules). Style 4, 6, or 7.


• Overall 301 point capability (198 intelligent points, 4 programmable


NAC circuits, 99 programmable relays).


• Network ready (reference NOTI•FIRE•NET™ and NAM-


232 data sheets for more information).


  • Intelligent features:


_ Manual sensitivity adjustment.


_ Day/Night automatic sensitivity adjustment.


_ Drift compensation (U.S. Patent Pending) meets UL


requirements as a calibrated test instrument.


_ Auto detector test (meets NFPA 72).


_ Maintenance alert (two separate algorithms).


_ Pre-alarm (AWACS™ U.S. Patent Pending).


_ Activate local sounder base on pre-alarm.


_ LED blink control for sleeping areas.


_ Automatic device type check.


  • Releasing features:


_ Four independent hazards.


_ Sophisticated cross-zone (three options)


_ Delay timer and Discharge timers (adjustable).


_ Abort (four options).


• Optional DACT, with AC fail delay.


• LCD-80 remote display/control.


• ACS annunciators (EIA-485), including LDM custom.


• Printer interface (80-column and 40-column printers).


• 5.0 A usable regulated output power, plus 6.0 A expander


(maximum 8.0 A to panel circuits).


• 80-character LCD display, backlit.


• Real-time clock, with European format option.


• History file with 650-event capacity in nonvolatile memory.


Includes non-erasable shadow history.


• Waterflow or supervisory selection per point.


• Alarm Verification selection per point, with tally.


• Walk Test reports two devices set to same address.


• Positive Alarm Sequence (PAS) Presignal per NFPA 72.


• Silence inhibit and Auto Silence timer options.


• March time/temporal/California code for bell circuits.


• Field-programmable on panel or on PC, with user-defined


passwords, plus Autoprogram feature.


• UL-Listed modem interface allows remote/off-site system


• FZM-1 two-wire detector interface provides compatibility with


many non-NOTIFIER detectors for retrofit applications (consult


factory for latest compatibility listings).


• Dual-rate charger for up to 90 hours of standby power.