Notifier MPS-24A

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The MPS-24A can also be used to power additional

system equipment such as the NCA, AMG and ACS series

devices. It provides all the necessary internal operating power

plus additional power for operation of external alarm Notification

Appliance Circuits. A battery charging circuit is included.



• Provides all internal operating power for the system.

• Recharges standby batteries up to 55 AH in size.

• Dual-rate charge capability.

• Regulated and filtered four-wire detector power available

(depending on the system configuration).

• Trouble LEDs for AC Power Fail, Battery, and Ground Fault conditions.

• Circuit breaker and automatically-resetting PTC resistors protect against current overload.

• Power-limited on all external output power.

• High-efficiency DC/DC converter for FACP internal +5 V power.

• High-efficiency switched regulator for notification appliance power.

• True battery supervision.

• Optional battery backbox holds 55 AH batteries.