Moose Aritech Z900

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The Z900 is a full featured security control/
communicator. Out of the box the Z900 is ready to
power up and operate thanks to a factory basic
program. It features 6 supervised zones and an
assignable voltage output, along with a resettable
voltage output for smoke detectors. An optional
plug-in siren driver and output expander is available.
Included inthe Z900 package are an attractive LED
keypad, plug-in transformer and a built-in digital
communicator that can report to two separate
telephone numbers or redundantly to both.


• 6 supervised zones
• Economical and easy to install
• Simple end-user training
• Powerful built-in digital
communicator features dual
and split reporting
• Easily programmed by keypad
or upload/download software
• 6 user codes with authority
• Superior 4 stage lightning/
transient protection
• Choice of LED or lighted English
LCD keypads