Moose JDS-108 Siren Driver

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GE Security JDS108 Siren Driver With Eight Distinctive Channels And Sounds

Siren drivers are the sound generators of security systems. Speakers are the outlets for the sound generated by the driver. Most siren drivers provide two different sound outputs—most commonly, steady and yelp tones. The JDS-108 has eight sounds, which can be triggered separately or in combination to provide up to 49 sounds. GE Security siren drivers come in four different models to meet most installation needs. Each model powers up to four speakers with a 4 ohm minimum load capacity. Two different sound outputs come standard with the JDS108.

- Powers up to four speakers
- Reverse polarity protection
- Two channels, steady and yelp, on basic drivers; up to eight channels available
- High quality components

- Model: JDS108
- Height[Nominal]: 6.0 in
- Impedence[Nominal]: 4.0 Ohm, 8.0 Ohm
- Length[Nominal]: 4.0 in
- Lightning Immunity: Yes
- Operating Temperature[Minimum]: 32.0 °F
- Operating Temperature[Maximum]: 122.0 °F
- Operating Voltage[Minimum]: 6.0 mV
- Operating Voltage[Maximum]: 18.0 mV
- Recommended Speaker Size: Minimum recommended speaker size: 10 W at 6 V 15 W at 12 V and 30 W and 18 V
- Reverse polarity protection: Yes
- Sound Pressure @ Level: 110.0 dBA @ 10.0 ft115.0 dBA @ 10.0 ft125.0 dBA @ 10.0 ft
- Transient Immunity: Yes