Gamewell-FCI LDM-7100 LED Driver Module

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The LDM-7100 LED Driver Module is used in conjunction with the Gamewell-FCI 7100 Series Fire Alarm Control Panel and provides output for five (5), remote panel switches and thirty-three (33), remote LEDs, contributing to the versatility and flexibility of the 7100 Series System.Remote output is provided for Signal Silence, Alarm Acknowledge, Trouble Acknowledge, Drill and System Reset/LED Test switches.Output is also provided for Alarm, Supervisory, System Trouble, Power Fault, System Silenced, NAC #1 Silenced and NAC#2 Silenced LEDs.


The LDM-7100 LED Driver Module is intended for mounting inside a UL Listed remote annunciator enclosure. Itmay be mounted by means of mounting screws or stacked using a metal hex standoff kit. Wire routing and installation methods must be in accordance with the Annunciat or Installation Instructions.


Operating Voltage:24 VDC resettable Supervisory Current:.035 amp.Alarm Current: (all LEDs lit).200 amp. max (All LEDs and optional sounder energizer).UL Listed Temperature Range:32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)Relative Humidity:85% max.