Gamewell-FCI 7100-1 Fire alarm board only****OBSOLETE****NEW

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

Board only no enclosure.

The system may be programmed with the CAMWorks™
programming utility tool or configured through a comprehensive
set of intuitive, secure password-protected, frontpanel
programming options. This important feature allows
the system to quickly adapt to any future requirements due
to changes in occupancies, building remodels, or other
contingencies.The sophisticated circuitry and powerful analog software
enables the 7100 Series fire alarm control board to read
the specific sensitivity level of each sensor and compensate
for changes due to age, dust accumulation or other
environmental factors. The 7100 incorporates the
Gamewell-FCI Listed Integrated Sensitivity Testing (LIST)
which meets NFPA 72 sensitivity testing and maintenance
requirements. The LIST testing allows substantial savings
in both maintenance and service while eliminating nuisance
alarms. 8-digit Carrier Information Code (CIC) compliant and also prevents “dialer-runaway” in the event of intermittent system
faults. The 7100-1D is UL Listed for Remote Station,
Proprietary, and Central Station fire alarm systems. It
allows ample space for wiring and room for batteries up to
12 A/H capacity


• Listed under ANSI/UL® Standard 864 9th Edition.
• IBC Seismic Certified.
• 120 or 240 VAC (optional) input line voltage.
• Front panel programming with day/night sensitivity
• 80-character alpha-numeric display.
• One Style 4 (Class “B”) signaling line circuit. Style 6
(Class “A”) with optional CAOM Module.
• Two Style Y (Class “B”) regulated notification appliance
circuits rated for 1.5 amp each. Style Z (Class “A”) with
optional CAOM Module.
• FM/UL® Listed for Pre-action/Deluge with optional
MCOM Module.
• Periodic trouble reminder.
• Individual sensor drift compensation.
• Dual-stage maintenance alerts (“dirty” and “very dirty”).
• Multilevel sensor sensitivity adjustments (front panel
• Alarm verification per individual sensor.
• Positive alarm sequence for sensors or monitor