Firelite SD355R Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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The SD355R(A) addressable, low-profile plug-in photoelectric detectors use a state-of-the art photoelectric sensing chamber with communications to
provide open area protection and are used exclusively with
Fire•Lite’s Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs).
The SD355T(A) adds thermal sensors that will alarm at a fixed
temperature of 135°F (57°C). Since these detectors are
addressable, they will help emergency personnel quickly
locate a fire during its early stages, potentially saving precious
rescue time while also reducing property damage. Two LEDs
on each sensor light to provide a local, visible sensor indication.
Remote LED annunciator capability is available as an
optional accessory, PN RA100Z(A). The SD355R(A) is a
remote test capable detector for use with D355PL(A) or
DNR(A)/DNRW duct smoke detector housings.

• Two-wire loop connection.
• Unit uses base for wiring.
• Addressable by device.
• Rotary, decimal addressing: 01 – 99 with MS-9200UD(LS),
and 01 – 159 with MS-9600UD(LS).
• Unique single-source, dual-chamber design to respond
quickly and dependably to a broad range of fires.
• Sleek, low-profile design.
• Integral communications and built-in type identification.
• Built-in tamper-resistant feature.
• Removable cover and insect-resistant screen for simple
field cleaning.
• Withstands air velocities up to 4,000 feet-per-minute (20 m/
sec.) without triggering a false alarm.
• Factory preset at 1.5% nominal sensitivity for panel alarm
threshold level.
• Visible LED “blinks” when the unit is addressed (communicating
with the fire panel) and latches on in alarm.

Height 5.5 Inches (13.97cm)

Width 4.121 inches (10.47cm)

Depth 1.375 Inches ( 3.49cm)