Firelite MS-9200UDLS Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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The Fire•Lite MS-9200UDLS Rev 3 with Version 5.0 firmware

is a combination FACP (Fire Alarm Control Panel) and DACT

(Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter) all on one circuit

board. This compact intelligent addressable control panel has

an extensive list of powerful features.

While the MS-9200UDLS Rev 3 may be used with an SLC

configured in the CLIP (Classic Loop Interface Protocol) mode,

it can also operate in LiteSpeed™ mode—Fire•Lite’s latest

polling technology—for a quicker device response time.

LiteSpeed’s patented technology polls 10 devices at a time.

This improvement allows a fully-loaded panel with up to 198

devices to report an incident and activate the notification circuits

in under 10 seconds. With Litespeed polling, devices can

be wired on standard twisted, unshielded wire up to a distance

• Listed to UL standard 864, 9th edition.
• On-board DACT.
• Remote site or local USB port upload/download, using PSTools.
• Four (4) Style Y (Class B) NAC circuits, which can be converted
to four (4) Style Z (Class A) circuits with optional
ZNAC-92 converter module. (Up to 6.0 amps total NAC
power when using optional XRM-24B.)
• Selectable strobe synchronization for System Sensor,
Wheelock, and Gentex devices.
• Remote Acknowledge, Silence, Reset and Drill via addressable
monitor modules or LCD-80F, ANN-80 or Legacy ACS