Gamewell-FCI BMFC-6 Basic Master Fire Card for FC-72 FACP

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

The FCI BMFC-6 Basic Master Fire Card provides all of the signaling and supervisory functions of the FC-72 series fire alarm control panel.

(The complete FC-72 package contains one BMFC-6, one PS-6, one ZDM and one BCM-6, TCM-6, or CCM-6.)

Expandable up to a maximum of 64 zones.

-- ZMC-6 Zone Master/Mother Card is used to add additional zones.
-- ZDM01 Single Zone Detection Module
-- ZDMD01 Dual Zone Detection Module
-- BCM-6, Bell Card Module - Provides a continuous, non-coded output on the notification appliance circuits.
-- TCM-6, Temporal Coder Module - Provides a Temporal Pattern Emergency Evacuation Signal per ANSI S3.41
-- BMC-6, Master Coder Module - Provides an adjustable on-off duty cycle (march time pattern).
-- CCM-6, Common Coder Module - Provides a variety of common coded signals, programmable in the field.

NOTE: For an equivalent part, see FCI BMFC-5