Farenhyt IDP-CONTROL-6 Adreeable 6 Circuit Supervised Control Module

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The Silent Knight IFP-series fire alarm control panels (FACPs).The IDP-Control-6 has six integrated modules for maximum flexibility, allowing you to add notification circuits wherever they are needed on an IFP FACP signaling line circuit (SLC) loop. The IDP-Control-6 provides supervised monitoring of wiring to load devices that require an external power supply or amplifier to operate, such as bells, horns, and strobes. It is capable of supporting Class B (Style Y) and Class A (Style Z) wiring. Upon command from the FACP, the IDP-Control-6 will disconnect the supervision and connect the external power supply across the load device. The disconnection of the supervision provides a positive indication to the panel that the control relay actually turned on. The external power supply is always relay isolated from the SLC loop, so that a trouble condition on the power supply will never interfere with the rest of the system. If needed, you can disable a maximum of three unused modules on the IDP-Control-6 board. Each module has terminals for connection to an external supply circuit for powering devices on its notification appliance circuit (NAC). One or more multiple power supplies or amplifiers can be used. The IDP-Control-6 has a short circuit protection monitor for each module. The short circuit protection monitor protects external power supplies against short circuit conditions on the NAC. In addition, an algorithm is incorporated to find a short when the module is active. The module will close all circuits that are not shorted to find the NAC with the problem.



  • Flexible solution for adding notification circuits where needed
  • Removable 12 to 18 AWG plug-in terminal blocks
  • Support for Class B or Class A wiring
  • Individual LED for each module
  • Two module mounting in the IDP-ACB cabinet
  • Unused modules can be disabled
  • Rotary address switches for fast installation• Mounting hardware included
  • UL Listed• MEA; CSFM approved