Farenhyt ECS-50W evacuation system

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**FCI Products can only be purchased in the State of Florida**

Farenhyt ECS-50W evacuation system. The ECS-50W has its own power supply with battery backup and four speaker circuits which can be expanded to eight speaker circuits with the optional ECS-CE4. The ECS-50W is fully supervised by the main panel for trouble conditions.


• SBUS addressable, up to eight ECS-50Ws per system for a total of 400 watts

• Each ECS-50W is supervised and has four onboard audio circuits expandable to eight with the ECS-CE4 for a system total of 64 audio circuits

• ECS-50W uses an easy to install wire harness to connect the ECS-CE4 audio circuit expander

• Can be mounted up to 6000 feet away from ECS-Series panel

• The ECS-50W has it’s own power supply and backup battery

• Selectable for 25 volt or 70.7 volt operation

• Six-wire connection to ECS system: Two-wires for the voice bus and four-wires for the SBUS connections

• UL 864 and UL 2572

• OSHPD (CA) OSP-0065-10

• CSFM 7300-0559:0173