Atlas Sound DS-2 Versatile Stand Microphone Stand

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Atlas Sound brand microphone desk stands assure optimum sta bil ity and "like new" appearance

for many years of service. Chrome and ebony finished bases are attractively styled and

present a quality appearance for traditional and con tem po rary decors. Microphone placement

and positioning is enhanced by the "locking nut" feature which securely fastens adapters and

holders to the desk stands. The seamless tubing is 5?8" cold rolled steel and terminates in the

industry standard 5?8" - 27 thread pattern for use with microphone accessories. Fixed-height

stand selection includes Mod els DS2, DS5(E), and DS14. Adjustable-height stand Model

DS7(E) features the wearproof, Atlas Sound grip-action clutch for positive locking control.



• Versatile Stands Fulfill Functional and Aesthetic Miking Requirements for

Microphone Placement

• Quality Construction Assures Extended Service and Quality Appearance

• Weighted Bases Provide Maximum Stability


Atlas Sound microphone stands meet functional and aesthetic requirements for mi cro phone

support and placement within contemporary and traditional decors. The extensive selection

includes models for use on banquet and meeting room consoles, court room and dis patcher

desks, sports/recreation booths, church pulpits, and tele phone switch boards. High-stability units

are also suited for application in various sound reinforcement systems, as well as broadcast

and recording studios.