Atlas Sound 194-89 Recessed Enclosure for 830-89A

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830, 840, NC850,

(SM)194, (SM)195,

E850 Series




• Reliable Design Installs Quickly in New or Retrofit Construction

• Recessed and Surface Mounting Styles Meet Installation Requirements.

• Universal Bracket Mounts Almost Any 9", 10", or 12" Dia. Analog Clock.

• All Models Include Provisions for Easy Installation of Standard 8" Loudspeakers.

• Easy-to-Configure Standard Panels in Model NC850 Provide Custom

Flexibility for Mounting Switches, Thermostat, and/or Lighting Controls.







Atlas Sound clock/speaker baffles provide convenient and cost-effective installation

of analog clocks and 8" dia. loudspeakers for use in schools, offices,

commercial, industrial, and institutional applications of all kinds. CRS construction

in surface and recessed styles and with optional panel control inserts

assure service durability and application flexibility.

830 Series. Economical clock/loudspeaker baffle assemblies are offered in two

sizes and feature a CRS grille and trim ring mounted to an 18-gauge CRS panel

with cutouts for mounting an 8" dia. loudspeaker (order separately). The 830

Series mounts into position using a double-action torsion spring system to provide

a hardware-free appearance. Models include a black gasket for concealed

mounting of an 8" dia. (203mm) loudspeaker and a universal clock mounting

bracket for installation of almost any 9", 10", or 12" dia. analog clock (by others).

The panel, grille, and trim ring components are finished in a white epoxy.

Assemblies can be recessed or surface mounted using 194 Series enclosures


  • Depth : 76.20 mm
  • Depth : 3 in
  • Height : 3049.59 mm
  • Height : 120.06 in
  • Width : 622.30 mm
  • Width : 24.50 in
  • Mounts Baffle : 830-89A
  • Product Weight : 3.40 kg
  • Product Weight : 7.50 lbs