2101 Auth Florence Apartment Intercom Bi-Directional Audio Suite Station

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New in box never used 2101 (2101) Auth Florence Bi-Directional Intercom System is designed for new construction up to 1000 apartments. The bi-directional system is recommended for senior citizen and handicapped housing because a single button on the apartment station operates the talk and listen functions simultaneously. Additional buttons can be added to the stations and used to call remote building locations. System Operation - The Auth Florence Bi-Directional System allows for two way conversation between an apartment and a building entrance. The visitor initiates a call using a push-button on the lobby panel. The tenant uses the talk button on the apartment station to communicate with the visitor. Pushing the door button allows the tenant to let the visitor into the building.

Wiring Requirements - Five common wires and one unique signal wire.

Dimensions: 7-3/4"Height, 5" Width.

Mounting: Two gang electric box or to wall surface.