Corby 7020 Sa Programmable Keypad Access Device

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The CORBY-7020 is an indoor programmable keypad that can control up to seven additional security devices. The unit can be flush mounted in a single gang box. The keypad is ideal for office buildings, employee entrances, or business rooms.
One red and one green LEDs inform users of status conditions. New features include increased voltage from 6 to 24 VDC and "Out of Sequence" error detection. The 7020 provides a high level of security with over 95,000 different four or five digit code combinations.

Technical Specifications:
  • Input Voltage: 6-24 Volts DC
  • Power Consumption: 4 mA @ 12 Volts Normal, 25 mA when Operating
  • Output: Positive and Negative @ 350 ma Each
  • Visual Outputs: Super Bright LEDs
  • Operating Temperature: 18 C to 55 C (0 F to 131 F)
  • Mounting: Flush
  • Weight: Approximately 4 ounces
  • Dimensions: Keypad 2.1 X 1.6 (53mm X 40mm), Single gang plate 2.75 X 4.5 (70mm X 114mm)