Silent Knight SD505-PHOTO Color Ivory Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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Model SD505-PHOTO Analog / Addressable Photoelectric Type Smoke Detector The SD505-PHOTO is particularly suited to detecting dense smoke typical of fires involving materials such as soft furnishings, plastic, foam or other similar materials which tend to smolder and produce large visible particles. The detector features automatic compensation for contamination and a simple detector calibration test procedure that can be run from the panel or remotely (using the WindowsTM based downloading software).


The SD505-PHOTO units made up of an LED light source and a silicon

photo diode receiving element. In a normal standby condition, the

receiving element receives no light from the pulsing light source. In the

event or fire, smoke enters the detector and light is reflected from

the smoke particles to the receiving element.The light received is converted into

an electronic signal. Under normal conditions, the status LED blinks

approximately every 15 seconds,indicating that the head is

communicating with the loop. The LED lights continuously during the alarm period.




• Low profile, 2 inches, including base

• Simple and reliable addressing without mechanical switches

• Automatic compensation for sensor contamination

• Built-in fire test feature

• Simple detector calibration testing through the control panel or remotely through a

   WindowsTM based computer software.

• Vandal-resistance locking

• Field cleanable

• UL listed, meets NFPA 72 Ch 7 requirements

• CSFM approved

• MEA approved

• FM Approved




Operating Voltage: 24-41 VDC

Current Consumption:

Standby: .55 mA

Alarm: .55 mA

Ambient Temperature: 32ºF to

120ºF (0ºC to 49ºC)

Mounting: 4” Square, 4” OCT,

Single gang mud ring

Relative Humidity: 85% noncondensing

Air Velocity: 0 - 300 FPM

Compatible Bases: SD505-6AB

(Sold Separately) SD505-6IB